Tuesday, April 14, 2009

didie ilysdfm

DiDie,i love you so damn freakin much.
u cn cut my fingers
if u think tht im tellg u a bullshit abot my love.
seriously,honestly,truly,n swear to god.
i love didie so much.
saye sayang didie sangat2.
but 4ur info,she still don give a respon tht she love me too.
its ok.
coz i'll always waitg 4 her.
ya.mybe im not sweet enuff.
i cant make the sweetst poem to her,
i cant sing th most romantic song to her,
all i cn gif is just my lyf n my love to her.
she always tot tht im pulling her legs.
she alwayd tot im juz playin wif ths love.
coz im knoe its hard to believe sum1 else.
thts y im waitg till she said yes
i've been waitg 4 her.
n she nvr care how long i've been waitg.
4me,its no turning back.
coz i knoe tht she is the gurl im lookig 4.
thts y she cn cut all my fingers if im juz playin.
she dont believe it.
mybe she juz laughg when i told her evrytyng b4 ths.
i love didie.
anyone,please help me.
all i need is juz cn make didie b mine.
swear to God.
i always pray to God everytyme after solat,
i pray between 2 khutbah,jumaat prayer
i do tahajud n solat hajat,evry 4am.
i cried.
evrytyme when didie strike to my mind
"ya Allah,bukalah pintu hati noor fadilah bt abd kadir utk menerima hamba"
sumtym my doa juz s simple s tht.
but mybe
my doa is not enuff
Allah wanna test me
didie also wanna test me.
i nvr dream to gif up
i dont wanna suffer more badly in th future.
better,now,i taste all th suffer tht nobody know th pain.
n th only thing tht make me survive is didie.
n i knoe
all of u includg didie will laugh to me
abot wat i've done especialy abot th solat hajat.
swear to God,
i love didie so damn freakin much.
n i wish she will love me too although
i dont knoe when she will gif tht respon to me.
i hope ASAP,but i dont wanna force her.
4those who don believe my love 2 didie,
u cn cut my fingers.
come n see me.
but 1 thing i wanna all of u knoe is
i love didie so damn freakin much.
dont questiond it.
n didie please b mine n i cn trade my lyf juz 4 u.
i nvr playin abot all tht i've told u.
im waitg 4 u.
when u cn trust me more thn juz a fren
pliss say yes.
i love u so damn freakin much.
saye sayang awk sangat2.

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