Monday, May 24, 2010


errrr,xtawu nk ckp pe.

positive things today :
1. mkn sambal petai,soto,tongkeng aym
2. finaly dpt abiskan game diamond quest final dlm fon jer la der.

negative things today :
1. start xde mood,sakit hati,pkir mcm2 yg negatif
2. rase cm xpenting je now
3. rase cm sampah pon ade
4. lonely giler2 gaban
5. xde bnde nk wat
6. boring giler babeng
7. nak borak2 xde yg nak teman
8. nk dgr sape2 citer/bebel pape yg best kt ak pon xde.
9. nk msg2 yg bnyk2 n panjang2 pon lagi la xde.
10. stuck kt umah sehari buta.
11. nk jerit kuat2 tp xdpt.
12. hati dh strt sakit.

the bright side : doctor house said "its normal 4 those tht not in the mood,chill la."
another bright side : still can smile laaa.
more bright side : it's juz me,no one else to be blame.

dark side : its totally hurt like hell!!

p/s : sorry 4 those yg kene effect bile ak xde mood o mood ilang ni.sorry.

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